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BMS Indian Takara Nayla

 BMS IndianTakaraNayla  (Takara)

geb: 25.05.2013     black tobinano

 Sire: Fairbar Leo Illusion   Dam: Tuff Bar Queen


 homozygot tobiano TO/TO, no red factor E/E

 14.6.13 vorne  14.6.13 Kopf  14.6.13 ganz rechts g


Takara is our wish child. She is a very human related mare

would like to be employed. Always curious and willing to learn.

  IMG 5229 01  IMG 5222  IMG 5899

She is thriving, has very harmonious movements and is fast as a

 Arrow. Takara has a lieebenswerten character, she is always friendly.

 IMG 5896  Takara Kopf  IMG 5918

Takara is her mother Tuff Bar Queen, worthy represented as a broodmare.

gets Tuff next year's last foal and then goes into well-earned retirement.